Not Every Day


Not every day can be a good day.

Two weeks ago I moved into an apartment worthy of a queen. Okay, so the bedroom walls don’t actually extend to the ceiling, but if I put my trash bags outside my door and open it 15 minutes later they are gone. So it only seems fair that Queen Elizabeth would be proud.

I was proud too. Proud that I had worked hard enough to sign my life away to a suffocating rent. Proud that my parents had instilled in me the drive to make my dreams a reality. Proud that I could finally invite people over to a place where my loads of serving dishes fit and could be utilized.

Though of course, as life would have it, before I had even hung the last of my floating shelves, the world decided to ground me. I lost a client, lost an outrageously expensive cord from stupid Time Warner Cable, and all-in-all lost my mind.

This is the thing about life. It’s really good at making you sweat. It likes to tell you just how great you are, then reverse the action and show you every last inch of bad. There are times life will hold you tight, and times it will kick you when you’re down. Life is like that girl on the playground who can be your best friend until you make eyes are her man. Then you better hope her nails are filed down because girls about to claw your eyes out.

Going into business for myself has been a slow process of making friends with that girl. The first time she attacked me I bawled like a little baby to my mom. Same with the second, third, forth and fifth. It wasn’t until I could separate myself from her prissy stance and attitude filled finger shakes that I saw her purpose.

Life isn’t here to beat you, it’s here to make you stronger. To teach you to cherish the good, and fight through the bad. If everything was easy we would have nothing to look forward to. Life is just really good at amplifying the not so easy.

To survive we must look up, keep our head on straight, and remember that nothing is forever. Not even the bad.

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