Things I Didn’t Know

Dear Me,

You should probably know that soccer just isn’t your thing, and that’s okay. Really, athletic ability isn’t in the cards at all. From a young age you will impress people with your words, not your footing. Stick to that, it might be worth something in the long run. At least worth enough to keep your Aquatic Science lab partners on the edge of their seats for each installment of your novel staring that lanky, salad finger boy you can’t get over.

Speaking of outlandish things, like writing multiple full length novels instead of doing homework or drinking, don’t feel bad about loving too hard. Don’t ever give up on it either. I can’t say you will one day find an amazing man that conquers all the ones who came before. We aren’t there yet. But I can say that you really do learn a lot from all of cupids missed arrows. Respect yourself along the way, and understand the difference in the feeling of lust, and the feeling of giving in too quickly. Though above all else, know that your heart is big, and that is beautiful.

Also, know that you are beautiful. No matter how large your body becomes, and how short/black your hair ended up. You are beautiful from the inside out. And, after high school you actually become pretty decent looking (so you have that to look forward to). You will even get kissed by the guy of your dreams. Don’t be disappointed when it isn’t super awesome… We all have to learn some time.

Remember the scale is not your friend. And watching the pounds drop is not a hobby you should punish yourself with. Understand that life is more than a number. And be thankful that you are lucky to have true friends who will pick you up when you are too weak to do it on your own.

Dance often, and dance free. Not just with your feet, but with all you have. Life is far too short to take it for granted. Being uptight won’t get you anywhere good. Don’t push yourself above the limit, but play gracefully with the line.

Above all else, never forget to be your true self. To life with all you have, and dream bigger than the sun. Never forget how it feels to chase a goal, and how it feels to give up on one. Let yourself be strong willed and passionate. Don’t take for granted the nights spent crying on the floor. But always, always lift yourself back up with a little more than you did the time before.


Yours Truly,


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