Here is the thing. Every year, around this exact time (not always on purpose) I write a blog. And then I proceed to go 365ish more days without writing anything at all. Usually it is because I’m turning a year older and I am freaking out. This time it is because my business is in the midst of getting organized and this is one of the things my Project Manager, Connor, said I needed to do.

So here I am. Almost 27, and writing a blog.

I am still a mess. I still buy too many shoes and eat french-fries as the main course of most my meals. I still cry when I don’t get picked for a job. Something only my mom had the pleasure of experiencing until I started hiring people. My company is still growing, but after five years I finally feel like I’m getting a grasp on not being able to hold on.

And right now, right now I am listening to Ben Rectors “Old Friends” on repeat getting a very healthy dose of reality.

So why do I tell you all of this? Maybe because I don’t remember what I was supposed to write about. And a little because I forgot how good it feels to write. To sum up my ramble I will leave you with three things that you probably should not take to heart, but that I do:


  1. I don’t believe in chasing your passion. I believe in working hard and making your parents proud.
  2. I think you get one form of luck in life. My did not come in fortune or brains… It came in the people I get to walk beside.
  3. I think the success of a business comes from their logo, their sense of work, and how closely to the heart they hold their dreams.


In the weeks, and months to come– if we make it that far, this blog will be filled with helpful tips on marketing. A few stories about life. And a ton of info I’ve learned over the past five years. What it won’t have is definitive answers to success, because I just don’t know those. Until then… Please enjoy the photo of baby boss Shelby more than likely celebrating a victory of the toy (or dog) I just talked my dad into getting me.

BONUS TIP: Don’t underestimate the power of an accessory. This bow helped seal the deal on my childhood dog Sandy for sureeee.

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