How to find balance – From a girl who definitely doesn’t have it all together.

leahFrom the title, I am sure you are wondering why a girl who is a complete mess most of the time is trying to tell you how to find balance. Well my good people, we are all in this together, and sometimes I don’t follow my own advice. So I am putting my fingers to my keyboard, and solidifying a plan not only for you, but for myself. Here are my semi-pro tips on how to find balance within your life:

Semi-convincing myself I’m a pro tip #1: Lookout for your future self

If you know me, you know this is something I preach and I actually really try to see this through most of the time. What I mean by lookout for your future self is learn to say no, plan ahead, and be selfish sometimes. If you’re like me, you’re a yes girl who is down for anything. I love helping and planning, but if I say yes to everyone, that is definitely going to wear me down. For example: you have 2 exams, 3 meetings, and your moms birthday this week. You also get invited to a concert, and your friend asks you if you can do a huge favor for them, and oh surprise, your roommate is upset so you can’t study because your a loyal friend. On top of that, your boss is texting you to see if you can come in the rest of the week to get more work done. Sounds insane right? This is where you put into action looking out for your future self. It may sound selfish if your a giver like me, but what you need to do is really evaluate and cultivate your week how you want it to be. You can still help others without sacrificing your priorities. Say no and compromise. Your future self will be rested and so insanely happy you did that. Luckily, I have a pretty amazing boss who cares about her employees more than anything;)


Semi-pro tip #2: Get a planner

My planner is my life blood. If I did not have that I would go crazy. You don’t even have to be super detailed, just keep track of all the important dates, meetings, work schedule, school, etc. That way anytime something pops up, I know exactly what my week looks like. I used to really get my schedule mixed up because I would keep it all in my head. This generated so many issues. I seemed unreliable and I would have to shift things around last minute. No one wants last minute. Now, with my planner I am able to physically see how much time I am giving to work, school, friends, and family. This helps find major balance, especially with important relationships, because you are able to efficiently give them the time they deserve. I love my Happy Planner that I get at Michaels for half off at the end of the year:) Make planning cute and fun. Here’s a link to The Happy Planner website just so you can see just how I like to get down with my schedule.


Semi-pro tip 3: Gain the right mindset

In order to truly feel like you have balance, you need your mind to be in the right place. It’s important to love what you do, and fully understand your intention and deliberation between all this chaos. Why are you working so hard at this job? What do you want to gain and learn from this process? Why are you going to school? Once you have your mind set on your goals, you can achieve them no problem. I know this sounds cliche but it’s true. You also have to keep reminding yourself to enjoy the process. There is so much to learn and pick up from those around you. Every experience you go through is just making you a better person. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed just remember your why and know that you must go through this balance beam to make yourself who you need to be for your goals. You are the decider, you cultivate your life. Once you fully grasp that concept, you can do anything. Look at shelby, she started her own business. Don’t let fear keep you from finding the balance you need, to accomplish the things you want.



I honestly have so much going on in my head that I want to share with you guys, but what good would it be for me to spill all my knowledge in one post?? Balance is key. For now I am saying no and letting my future self get dibs on some more material;) look at me listening to my own advice. Hehe.


Thank you guys so much for reading



Leah Wright

(your local wannabe wisdom guru boss babe)


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