Heavy title… am I right?? 

But did it get your attention? That is my job after all! 

In a recent conversation with a client, I had quite the intertwined and messy epiphany about why we hate to love ourselves. Which is really a harsh way of saying, most of us DO NOT LIKE pictures of ourselves.  

It is not lost how many times the words “Why would you post such a horrible photo of me?!” have come out of a client’s mouth. And to them, after a moment of pure panic that I have done my job wrong and my career is going to come crashing down, I say “If I thought it was bad I would have never posted it.” 

And this my friends, is why I say we hate to love ourselves. Or maybe it is better to say we love to hate ourselves. Better yet… Let me take it down a notch and just say, we need to all start LOVING WHAT WE SEE MORE. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where Instagram models are a thing, and the skinny app is for real. So, as someone who works with tons of clients who are real and trying to get their brand in front of others while feeling comfortable and doing like 1,000 other things, expectations are high. But they shouldn’t be. 

I can almost guarantee you someone isn’t unfollowing you because your chin isn’t pointed in exactly the right angle, or your hair is a little disheveled. And I can guarantee if you are my client you will always have at least one like because my mom has a list she is instructed to heart daily. 

In all honesty, though, we want beautiful photos. We want to portray a message with marketing. We don’t want to force you into a state of panic every time the camera comes out. 

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