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Want to know the biggest secret to marketing your company successfully? You might be surprised to know it has nothing to do with paying for Google Ad Words or posting your social media at the exact right time. Now, don’t get me wrong. Of course those things help. And of course that is all part of stacking up your marketing plan to be successful.


But in reality, what really makes your company successful… Is believing in your company.


Call me ridiculous. And if you know me well, call me annoying because you have probably heard me say this a million times over. I will just never find a more fool proof plan than being invested in your company.


I see the difference in my own company. If I am having a hard time, or a distracted time and recoil some, I see it in my business. If I take on a new client and they use the phrase “I don’t want to see any of it”, I can already tell how things are going to go.  


Now, not to be confused with the opposite two extremes of this statement. It is also not beneficial to NEED to touch every single thing. And there are times where you have to separate yourself from the growth of your company to work on other parts of it.


Where I see the biggest disconnect is in someone’s message. When a client, or potential client, is not as worried about being a part in creating their message or maintaining their message, the marketing plan always seems to stall. And this, I am a firm believe, is because marketing is supposed to be personal. It is supposed to be specifically tailored to you and your reason behind the brand. Without YOU and YOUR HAND the key component is missing.

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