Celebrating Shelby

Today is the big day. Today is the day that either you look forward to or dread. Today is Shelby’s birthday.

Yep, that is right, today is the day that we get to celebrate our lady in charge. She is very modest in general and this is especially true on her birthday. She hasn’t even told a single client that today is her birthday!

Birthdays are a great way to reflect on the triumphs and lessons of the year that has past. This year has been a major growing season for Shelby Leigh Marketing and Shelby. From a bigger office space to a bigger team, the trend has been always moving forward and making it work. And, Shelby always makes it work.

Here’s a bit from Shelby:

“Each year I like to reflect on the past 365 days. To take in what I’ve been through, what my company has been through, and see how different it is from where I thought I would be. Every year I am in a completely different place than I thought, but it is normally just where I need to be. Which is the funny thing about life… We always end up right where we need to be, even if we have to fight our way there. This past year for me has been one of growth, one of less struggle, and one of completely new beginnings. It has brought new light to many dark places in my heart, and has put me on a path I can genuinely say I am happy to concur. So, cheers to another year, and cheers to all that is to come!”

So if you see Shelby around town today, yes she has meetings all day, stop her and wish her a very special birthday! 

From everyone here at the office, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELBY!! You are an inspiration to all of us ladies and prove daily your dedication to your clients and your passion. You have shown us all what it means to be a “boss babe” and that we can do whatever we want. You are a therapist, sounding board, mentor, and generally someone we all look up to. So again, here is to you, Shelby Leigh. Go celebrate you because you deserve it!

Big Hugs!

The SLM Team 

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