Want to know the biggest secret to marketing your company successfully? You might be surprised to know it has nothing to do with paying for Google Ad Words or posting your social media at the exact right time. Now, don’t get me wrong. Of course those things help. And of

Marketing on a Timeline

If you are a business owner looking to start marketing for your company, you are not alone. If you are asking yourself what exactly marketing is and how long it takes to work. You are also not alone. It is a question we get often, and one with a more

Moms Are Just The Best

I remember the first time I ever got in a fight with my mom. Maybe not the first time… But the first fight that was significant. I wanted to spend the night with my friends and she told me no. Little did I know the cheer squad was going to


Heavy title… am I right??  But did it get your attention? That is my job after all!  In a recent conversation with a client, I had quite the intertwined and messy epiphany about why we hate to love ourselves. Which is really a harsh way of saying, most of us

New Year – That’s All

While most people have spent the past few weeks getting their 2019 in order, making plans for great big NEW things, and working really hard to wrap up the past year… I’ve been watching Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour on repeat. Not really. But actually, yes. Here is the thing. 2018

How to find balance – From a girl who definitely doesn’t have it all together.

From the title, I am sure you are wondering why a girl who is a complete mess most of the time is trying to tell you how to find balance. Well my good people, we are all in this together, and sometimes I don’t follow my own advice. So I

Let’s Chat -Connor

Hello world!   Fair warning: you are about to embark on a crazy adventure through the brain of yours truly. I told Shelby a few months ago that she needed to ramp up her blog game so that clients and future clients have a chance to meet Shelby and the

The Thing About A Dog

I don’t remember when I first fell in love with dogs. I remember when a neighbors Bassett Hound got out while she was at work and I begged my dad to cut up the front door of our house so I could keep it in memory of him being returned


Here is the thing. Every year, around this exact time (not always on purpose) I write a blog. And then I proceed to go 365ish more days without writing anything at all. Usually it is because I’m turning a year older and I am freaking out. This time it is

25 Is Tough

My birthday is in a few weeks, and honestly I could vomit. In all seriousness turning 25 is really kind of freaking me out. And the more I say it the more people seem to be rolling their eyes. But in more honesty, why do I feel like the only

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