New Year – That’s All

While most people have spent the past few weeks getting their 2019 in order, making plans for great big NEW things, and working really hard to wrap up the past year… I’ve been watching Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour on repeat. Not really. But actually, yes. Here is the thing. 2018

How to find balance – From a girl who definitely doesn’t have it all together.

From the title, I am sure you are wondering why a girl who is a complete mess most of the time is trying to tell you how to find balance. Well my good people, we are all in this together, and sometimes I don’t follow my own advice. So I

Let’s Chat -Connor

Hello world!   Fair warning: you are about to embark on a crazy adventure through the brain of yours truly. I told Shelby a few months ago that she needed to ramp up her blog game so that clients and future clients have a chance to meet Shelby and the

The Thing About A Dog

I don’t remember when I first fell in love with dogs. I remember when a neighbors Bassett Hound got out while she was at work and I begged my dad to cut up the front door of our house so I could keep it in memory of him being returned


Here is the thing. Every year, around this exact time (not always on purpose) I write a blog. And then I proceed to go 365ish more days without writing anything at all. Usually it is because I’m turning a year older and I am freaking out. This time it is

25 Is Tough

My birthday is in a few weeks, and honestly I could vomit. In all seriousness turning 25 is really kind of freaking me out. And the more I say it the more people seem to be rolling their eyes. But in more honesty, why do I feel like the only

Do It Through Love

There was this single moment a while back in which I did not have any work to do or any calls to return. Of course that meant my mind began to reel. Clouded by the thoughts of my past and the circumstance of my present life, I began to wonder

Wood Pushers Know Best

This weekend I attended the X-Games. By attended I mean I purchased two new outfits and fretted up until the moment we entered the gates that I was wasting valuable work time. At that point I knew nothing about these hardcore sports, except that they closed off many streets in

After The One

They tell you life is cut and dry. As if things work or they don’t. As if we still live in the vein existence of a black and white television coated with accurate simplicity. They tell you about princesses and the princes that carry them away. They speak on the

But There Is Peace

This weekend I pulled up my shorts, tied a shirt around my waist, and traded in heels for Keds. It all felt very unfamiliar. But I bit my upper lip and drug the hipster print wagon piled high with floppy hats, laptops and Fossil bags across a dirt filled camp

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