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We’ve all heard the saying “When life gives you lemons… make lemonade.” But like, what if you can’t make lemonade? What if you don’t have sugar and asking your neighbors is out of the question. 


What do you do with the lemons then? 


Well, in a not so exciting turn of events – you figure it out. Use them as building blocks to forward your own company and dreams. And most of all, you don’t compare your lemons to other peoples lemons! I see this so often in business and it just tears at me. 


I am no saint myself, it has happened to me. You see someone getting something you feel maybe you should have. May it be a raise, a new client, advancing in some way. One more lemon. And it starts to weigh on you. 


Your lemons start to get heavy. Maybe they start to smell. 


So instead of making your lemons building blocks to success you start to throw them at other people. Using them as ammunition to help shield from your own worries. It is way easier to put people down than to confront the fear you have inside. That is why we have so many successful reality TV shows, duh! 


But the thing about using your lemons in this way, is it in turn has nothing to do with your personality. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, or not a good business owner, or even someone who likes throwing lemons. It means you are a fighter – Which is what you have to be to run a successful business. 


But we, as business owners, have got to learn to handle our lemons better! 


When we feel on the brink of worry we have got to take a second before launching that yellow fruit (is lemon a fruit?) and stop ourselves. We have to take that moment to look within our company and see what WE can do better. Not what everyone else can do worse, or who we can blame things on. It is about what WE can change as bosses and owners and entrepreneurs. 


Look within yourself and find a place to start housing your lemons, because they are part of your success just as well. 


And if worse comes to worse, and one day you just have wayyy too many lemons… Put seven of them in a bowl for good fortune like Shannon from Real Housewives (New Shannon is rocking it, though I don’t see any lemons in sight, so actually – MAYBE don’t do that).

Let’s Talk Technique

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 8.21.32 AMThe thing with Marketing is that it is marketing. You can’t measure it. You can’t really control it. And you can’t truly even replicate it. 


Now that I have said that, feel free to jump on the marketing train! Sign yourself right up. It seems like the best bet, am I right?? 


In reality, marketing your business is one of the best things you can do. But it is all about the technique and how you go about helping your company grow. Here are three things to remember when jumping into marketing: 

  1. THIS ISN’T AN EXCUSE. Marketing is not an excuse to pass work off or feel like it’s a way to divvy things up. If anything, at the start of a new marketing plan, expect your workload to increase. You will be getting systems in place, figuring out what works and doesn’t work, and taking a TON of photos! 
  2. KNOWING YOUR GOALS ISN’T AN END ALL. I personally have never had a business plan. My company has never changed in a drastic way, but it has changed over the years. As have most people who have a business. Like many things in life, you will never be completely ready to start marketing for your business. There will always be other things you can spend money on, things you think need to be in place… Just getting started is the best thing you can do. 
  3. BE OPEN TO CRITIQUE. No one likes being critiqued. And honestly… it has taken me a REALLY long time to get comfortable critiquing clients. I would know exactly what needs to be done, but looking into a clients eyes I could never muster up the confidence to tell them. But here is the thing with marketing in the right way. We are all learning how to make your company better. We want you to grow just as much as you do. So going through those hard times of changing things up and pointing out what isn’t working is also a must!


So, as you dive into marketing, remember those three things. And a ton of other things… But mostly remember, having help with marketing is a great way to build your business.

Celebrating Shelby

Today is the big day. Today is the day that either you look forward to or dread. Today is Shelby’s birthday.

Yep, that is right, today is the day that we get to celebrate our lady in charge. She is very modest in general and this is especially true on her birthday. She hasn’t even told a single client that today is her birthday!

Birthdays are a great way to reflect on the triumphs and lessons of the year that has past. This year has been a major growing season for Shelby Leigh Marketing and Shelby. From a bigger office space to a bigger team, the trend has been always moving forward and making it work. And, Shelby always makes it work.

Here’s a bit from Shelby:

“Each year I like to reflect on the past 365 days. To take in what I’ve been through, what my company has been through, and see how different it is from where I thought I would be. Every year I am in a completely different place than I thought, but it is normally just where I need to be. Which is the funny thing about life… We always end up right where we need to be, even if we have to fight our way there. This past year for me has been one of growth, one of less struggle, and one of completely new beginnings. It has brought new light to many dark places in my heart, and has put me on a path I can genuinely say I am happy to concur. So, cheers to another year, and cheers to all that is to come!”

So if you see Shelby around town today, yes she has meetings all day, stop her and wish her a very special birthday! 

From everyone here at the office, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELBY!! You are an inspiration to all of us ladies and prove daily your dedication to your clients and your passion. You have shown us all what it means to be a “boss babe” and that we can do whatever we want. You are a therapist, sounding board, mentor, and generally someone we all look up to. So again, here is to you, Shelby Leigh. Go celebrate you because you deserve it!

Big Hugs!

The SLM Team 


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Want to know the biggest secret to marketing your company successfully? You might be surprised to know it has nothing to do with paying for Google Ad Words or posting your social media at the exact right time. Now, don’t get me wrong. Of course those things help. And of course that is all part of stacking up your marketing plan to be successful.


But in reality, what really makes your company successful… Is believing in your company.


Call me ridiculous. And if you know me well, call me annoying because you have probably heard me say this a million times over. I will just never find a more fool proof plan than being invested in your company.


I see the difference in my own company. If I am having a hard time, or a distracted time and recoil some, I see it in my business. If I take on a new client and they use the phrase “I don’t want to see any of it”, I can already tell how things are going to go.  


Now, not to be confused with the opposite two extremes of this statement. It is also not beneficial to NEED to touch every single thing. And there are times where you have to separate yourself from the growth of your company to work on other parts of it.


Where I see the biggest disconnect is in someone’s message. When a client, or potential client, is not as worried about being a part in creating their message or maintaining their message, the marketing plan always seems to stall. And this, I am a firm believe, is because marketing is supposed to be personal. It is supposed to be specifically tailored to you and your reason behind the brand. Without YOU and YOUR HAND the key component is missing.

Marketing on a Timeline

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 7.39.51 AMIf you are a business owner looking to start marketing for your company, you are not alone. If you are asking yourself what exactly marketing is and how long it takes to work. You are also not alone.

It is a question we get often, and one with a more complex answer than “yes” or “no”.

I will never forget the time I was studying abroad in London with a group of PR and Journalism students and a very shy girl in the back asked “But is there a difference in PR and Marketing?” Valid question, I thought. As a journalist I had legitimately no clue. The PR students in the room however gasped at the thought of her ignorance.

I still wanted to know the answer.

Fast forward almost a decade, and every time I go to explain what marketing can do for a growing business, that is what I think about.

Because here is the misunderstood thing with Marketing: It is not a quick fix to making money. It is a way to set your companies appearance up for the long run. Marketing is a tool to help define your brand, outline a plan, and try, try, try again.

So when you think about marketing, think about the ongoing future of your company. And maybe keep in mind my 3/6/12 rule. 3 months in you are going to wonder what you got yourself into. You should be vetting a plan, getting things in order, and honestly be a little confused. 6 months in you should start to get your footing, understand what is going on, and begin to see a shift in your business. And 12 months in with marketing you should know what works and what doesn’t, have an increase in sales. Which in the end if the goal after all!

Moms Are Just The Best

I remember the first time I ever got in a fight with my mom. Maybe not the first time… But the first fight that was significant. I wanted to spend the night with my friends and she told me no. Little did I know the cheer squad was going to kidnap me that night for initiation so I kind of needed to be home.

Problems are problems. I know.

It wasn’t the actual fight that was so memorable. I’m pretty sure we exchanged all of like 5 words. It was more of what my dad said when he came in to defuse the situation. Let me set this up by saying my dad grew up with 5 brothers and then lived in a home with a wife, two daughters, a girl dog and handfuls of fish we relentlessly named after girl princesses or something… So he mainly just stayed out of the way.

But that night. That night he came into my room and said something that I will never forget. He sat me down on the bed, looked me in the eyes, and said “If anything ever happened to you or your sister. Your mom would die.”

Which in reality was really out of character for the fact that I was just kind of bummed about not getting to go to a slumber party.

But he was completely right.

My mom’s entire life is us.  It might not have been before. She might not have grown up wishing for children (maybe she did, I don’t really know). But the moment we were born, we became her reason for living.

She spends her days waiting for us to call – My sister in the morning with the kids, me right after. Then me again. And again. And again. Then my sister after the kids get back from school. Then me like 5 more times. She waits up for us at night even though we don’t live at home any more. She cries when we cry, and she still sees everything I purchase because I refuse to unlink our bank accounts.

My mom has made me the woman I am today, because of the woman she has always been. I wouldn’t trade her for a single thing in the world, in fact she is my world. And I can’t thank her enough for all she has done.


Heavy title… am I right?? 

But did it get your attention? That is my job after all! 

In a recent conversation with a client, I had quite the intertwined and messy epiphany about why we hate to love ourselves. Which is really a harsh way of saying, most of us DO NOT LIKE pictures of ourselves.  

It is not lost how many times the words “Why would you post such a horrible photo of me?!” have come out of a client’s mouth. And to them, after a moment of pure panic that I have done my job wrong and my career is going to come crashing down, I say “If I thought it was bad I would have never posted it.” 

And this my friends, is why I say we hate to love ourselves. Or maybe it is better to say we love to hate ourselves. Better yet… Let me take it down a notch and just say, we need to all start LOVING WHAT WE SEE MORE. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where Instagram models are a thing, and the skinny app is for real. So, as someone who works with tons of clients who are real and trying to get their brand in front of others while feeling comfortable and doing like 1,000 other things, expectations are high. But they shouldn’t be. 

I can almost guarantee you someone isn’t unfollowing you because your chin isn’t pointed in exactly the right angle, or your hair is a little disheveled. And I can guarantee if you are my client you will always have at least one like because my mom has a list she is instructed to heart daily. 

In all honesty, though, we want beautiful photos. We want to portray a message with marketing. We don’t want to force you into a state of panic every time the camera comes out. 

New Year – That’s All

While most people have spent the past few weeks getting their 2019 in order, making plans for great big NEW things, and working really hard to wrap up the past year… I’ve been watching Taylor Swift’s Reputation tour on repeat.

Not really. But actually, yes.

Here is the thing. 2018 was really freaking hard. Like multiple times I was down on my knees thinking “Nothing else can possibly go wrong.”

And then it did.

Growing a business was hard. My personal life was hard. Things I didn’t even know could be hard were hard.

So while I didn’t want to just not address the new year, I really didn’t want to focus too much on the past year either. Not publicly, at least.

I woke up on New Years Eve and began to uncontrollably cry. All day I cried. A song came one that reminded me of someone, tears. I got a call from a client. Tears. I realized the salad I wanted to eat was two weeks old. TEARS.

Which is why, when someone asked me what my New Years resolutions were, I simply said “I don’t have one. I’m just glad I survived.”

That is the thing about being a business owner, and being a person in general, really. If it’s not great it’s a setback. But you know the thing about set backs? When you are at the bottom of your barrel, and completely sunk into the ground. It can only go up from there.

Until you catch a stomach bug on January 1st.

Kidding. Not about the stomach bug… But about that stopping things from going up.

With a lot of faith, and a little persistence, a bad day, bad week, or bad year has to see its end. And though some of the pain keeps on, eventually, one day you wake up okay. And the next day, you get an email from a potential new client. And the day after that, you have a moment where things start to make sense.

So as 2018 fades into the background, 2019 begins to shine. It’s a new year, and that is all.

How to find balance – From a girl who definitely doesn’t have it all together.

leahFrom the title, I am sure you are wondering why a girl who is a complete mess most of the time is trying to tell you how to find balance. Well my good people, we are all in this together, and sometimes I don’t follow my own advice. So I am putting my fingers to my keyboard, and solidifying a plan not only for you, but for myself. Here are my semi-pro tips on how to find balance within your life:

Semi-convincing myself I’m a pro tip #1: Lookout for your future self

If you know me, you know this is something I preach and I actually really try to see this through most of the time. What I mean by lookout for your future self is learn to say no, plan ahead, and be selfish sometimes. If you’re like me, you’re a yes girl who is down for anything. I love helping and planning, but if I say yes to everyone, that is definitely going to wear me down. For example: you have 2 exams, 3 meetings, and your moms birthday this week. You also get invited to a concert, and your friend asks you if you can do a huge favor for them, and oh surprise, your roommate is upset so you can’t study because your a loyal friend. On top of that, your boss is texting you to see if you can come in the rest of the week to get more work done. Sounds insane right? This is where you put into action looking out for your future self. It may sound selfish if your a giver like me, but what you need to do is really evaluate and cultivate your week how you want it to be. You can still help others without sacrificing your priorities. Say no and compromise. Your future self will be rested and so insanely happy you did that. Luckily, I have a pretty amazing boss who cares about her employees more than anything;)


Semi-pro tip #2: Get a planner

My planner is my life blood. If I did not have that I would go crazy. You don’t even have to be super detailed, just keep track of all the important dates, meetings, work schedule, school, etc. That way anytime something pops up, I know exactly what my week looks like. I used to really get my schedule mixed up because I would keep it all in my head. This generated so many issues. I seemed unreliable and I would have to shift things around last minute. No one wants last minute. Now, with my planner I am able to physically see how much time I am giving to work, school, friends, and family. This helps find major balance, especially with important relationships, because you are able to efficiently give them the time they deserve. I love my Happy Planner that I get at Michaels for half off at the end of the year:) Make planning cute and fun. Here’s a link to The Happy Planner website just so you can see just how I like to get down with my schedule. http://www.meandmybigideas.com/create365-thehappyplanner/


Semi-pro tip 3: Gain the right mindset

In order to truly feel like you have balance, you need your mind to be in the right place. It’s important to love what you do, and fully understand your intention and deliberation between all this chaos. Why are you working so hard at this job? What do you want to gain and learn from this process? Why are you going to school? Once you have your mind set on your goals, you can achieve them no problem. I know this sounds cliche but it’s true. You also have to keep reminding yourself to enjoy the process. There is so much to learn and pick up from those around you. Every experience you go through is just making you a better person. When you feel yourself getting overwhelmed just remember your why and know that you must go through this balance beam to make yourself who you need to be for your goals. You are the decider, you cultivate your life. Once you fully grasp that concept, you can do anything. Look at shelby, she started her own business. Don’t let fear keep you from finding the balance you need, to accomplish the things you want.



I honestly have so much going on in my head that I want to share with you guys, but what good would it be for me to spill all my knowledge in one post?? Balance is key. For now I am saying no and letting my future self get dibs on some more material;) look at me listening to my own advice. Hehe.


Thank you guys so much for reading



Leah Wright

(your local wannabe wisdom guru boss babe)


Let’s Chat -Connor

Hello world!


Fair warning: you are about to embark on a crazy adventure through the brain of yours truly. I told Shelby a few months ago that she needed to ramp up her blog game so that clients and future clients have a chance to meet Shelby and the team.


We agreed that the blog would be really about whatever each team member wants to talk about so here we go!


Originally, Shelby and I met while working at a boutique in Lubbock, Texas way back in probably 2012 and have kept in touch ever since.


Everyone always jokes about “real friends versus work friends” and lucky for me Shelby started out as my work friend and almost immediately turned into a real friend. Shelby was one of the first people I had dinner with when I moved to Austin and has been one of the people I have leaned on to learn the Austin ropes.


I am not sure that I know anyone who works harder than Shelby while still having one of the biggest hearts. She works her butt off and makes her clients a top priority. She has a hand in so many different jars while keeping a lid on it.


Let me just brag on her for a second by highlighting her skills at being a boss and keeping it all together, let’s talk about the new Interior Marketing Services. Shelby has been incredible with the build-out of the services and the execution of everything. The whole idea of interior marketing for businesses is to help your business goal translate to your client or customer. It really is about putting out a vibe in your space that is conducive business growth.


So here is my tip: If you are looking to up your marketing game, whatever your definition, I know a lady with a fantastic team that will make all of your marketing dreams come true.