Success Is Now


Honestly, I haven’t learned much since starting my own company. I have no line of credit, and just got business cards printed two weeks ago. I think getting a second phone is a good idea, more so because I want the new iPhone and have a need to justify any purchase. I’m also really good at making myself sound professional. Clearly.

There are three things however, that I know for sure:


3. “Fake It Till You Make It”

This is actually how I live most of life. That time I said I could fit into a size 0 brides maids dress. Or the time I agreed to do marketing, all faking it until I made it. Or until the zipper burst. In this day-and-age we have to be good at saying yes and figuring it out later. Obviously I would never say I could wrestle and alligator or enter an olympic game. Really, nothing in the realm of athletics. But when it comes to editing videos, or learning social media tactics, my background and need to succeed is more than enough to get me through. Faking it is not about saying you can do the impossible, it’s about being confident in your skill set and allowing yourself room to grow.


2. Your Mom Is Your Best Confidant

I never understood why child stars had their moms as managers until I moved back home. In grade school you can tell anyone anything and your only back lash is having a friend withhold conversation for a few days. When you get into the business world things change. Not every day is going to be your best day, and that’s okay. Some times you need to vent about a big project, or your lack to get things right, it’s just no longer as smart to vent in public. This is where your mom comes in. Her job is to listen and make you feel better no matter if you are wrong or right, after all.


1. Be Passionate

Over all else, be passionate. I didn’t start in marketing thinking it was the most amazing job around. Sure, I loved the work I was doing, and typing away in my pajamas all day was an added bonus. But, it wasn’t until I started to see improvement in clients businesses that I found my passion in this career. I have seen the passion in the eyes of my business owners, and it reminded me of how far a dream can take you. And now that we aren’t in grade school, the only thing standing in the way of your dreams is you. Be passionate and be purposeful. Even if you aren’t, life will find a way to do it for you.