The Thing That Saved My Career (Before I Had One)


A break-up. That’s what saved my career. There I was, laying on the floor of my “Shit-Box” efficiency, so it has been deemed, crying past the point of social acceptance. Between swollen eyes and panting breaths I did the one thing I knew best. Pulled out my computer and started working. It was 3am, and the only thing I knew. I had been stuck in a place of wanting a career and wanting to live life. It seemed in that moment the choice had been made.

Before the break up my time had been split wanting a career but failing to jump, and wanting a life but failing to live up. It was not in that moment of change that I was forced to focus on my career, but instead forced to look at the cards in front of me, and make the best of them.


I became a “Yes Man.”

A potential client asked for a meeting: Yes Man.

An existing client wanted something new: Yes Man.

I was asked to attend Fashion Week: Yes Man.

Someone wanted me to redo their condo: That can be marketing right? Yes Man.


Sure, most of this was an attribute to me hiding behind my work. Staying busy as to not think about the life blow that had just been dealt. But in it I found comfort, and honestly a whole lot of truth. People always say to face your fears head on, but for once what I thought was hiding from fear was working really well.

Clients kept coming. Projects kept coming. My days started to fill with work, and at a moments break I realized I was really happy. Not that I wasn’t happy before, and not that there isn’t still a part of me that hurts, but for once in my life everything I was doing was working and it felt really good.

My break up taught me not to be afraid to take risk or push the limits. To always ask for what I want, and above all else believe in myself. I dated someone who told me time and time again that I was going to do great things, but it wasn’t until they let me go and had no other choice that those things started happening. There is no spite, there are no bad feelings, Life moves on and you learn lessons like bravery and boldness at the times they are most important to have. My break up saved the career I now have, and it will forever be a reason I strive for more.