I Am Irrational

They say the answer to living a happy life is finding your passion and making that your career. I don’t know which “they” people are referring to, and I am also not sure that this is the answer. Of course, if you can find your passion and successfully make a good standard of living over night all the power. But if you are in any way a normal human being this takes time, and life doesn’t wait for you to pay bills.

Personally, I think the secret to being happy comes from a different place. I believe it comes from the place of irrational thought.

My life has been made up of only irrational gestures. From ditching my college degree’s given field of work to move home to my childhood desk, to learning every Kings Of Leon song in hopes to impress a boy I was too awe-struck to speak too. Frankly the only difference from me and someone in an insane asylum is that white is not my color, so I would never wear a straight jacket. That, and I put my irrational thoughts into action.

It is in the most insane of moments I have learned we live in a field of hope. It is in the times that we fear the most, and others fear the most for us, that great things happen.

I decided to leave an incredibly well esteemed university that was a mere hour from my parental dwellings to treck into a land of dust storms and physically pressing winds. No, Texas Tech did not hold a candle to Baylor in academia, number of students who’s parents made in the millions, and dorm room space, but it did give me the opportunity to work an internship that turned into a job and realize my future all by the mere age of 21.

Another great instance in which I used irrational behavior to shape my life was in August, when I moved from a 400 square foot efficiency into a down town apartment. My mom was less than thrilled as I packed up boxes and checked my band account once last time. It made no sense in my mind why she was so worried, the remaining $2 balance in no way concerned me.

See, irrationality is great in both life changing, and life threatening experiences.

In neither sense was it understandable for me to make the moves I did, but in both the outcome was just. I wasn’t acting on irrational impulse in hopes to make something happen, I was doing it because inside I knew my life was changing for the better. Yes, I could have easily gotten into an apartment in which my rent check would have bounced, I’m sure both my parents were stashing their credit cards for the moment I came running. But I knew that by putting myself in a position of irrationality I would be forced to do more, and take one step closer to my passion.


Why I Do It


Starting your own business often times leaves you faced with difficult questions: Can you pay your bills? What made you do it? And why? The first two answers have always been easy. It’s a good thing I like $1 rice from Walmart, and because no one else would hire me. It is the third question that leaves me stumbling over words.

I know exactly why I stick it out in the marketing world, but the more I am asked that question the harder it becomes to answer. A process of definitions, background of my days in news, and the rambles of a confused subject often times leave he who questions wishing they would have kept their mouth shut. It’s as if I have this untold secret to moderate success, and I can’t seem to get it out. This was until someone said it for me.

The other day I was struck by a potential client who got it. He understood what I was trying to do in helping small businesses grow. That my goal is much larger than keeping your Facebook updated and your Twitter feed relatable. I’m here to seek out passionate companies, and keep that feeling growing. I want to help people see that it isn’t about throwing huge amounts of money into marketing firms who post stock images for your business. Unless you like stock images, and by all means I’ll find a way.

He made me realize that my goal is for the little guy, the ambitious guy, the me guy. The person who spends their whole life wanting to be something great, and impact others. They stay up until 4 am working and being their next day just hour after. They don’t know what weekends are, and surely don’t take vacations. These people have a dream, and are ready to chase it. They are the reason I do this. To see the dream come to life, and to be part of the hands that got them there.

It is no secret that the social media aspect of my career can be done by just about any 11-year-old these days. I have the research down, and know the value of consistent posting. For me that is just the beginning. When I sign a new client I’m signing a new belief. from that moment on I am embodying their company, and setting in to learn everything it is made up of. I want to know your staff, your voice, how we can most effectively work past the computer screen. I want to know it all. The good. The bad. The beautiful.

So thanks to my potential client, you didn’t just get it, you let me get it too.