“Marketing for a business should start with believing in that business.”

Shelby markets for companies she believes in. By using grass roots tactics, such as social media and personal outreach, she has taken part in increasing sales, growing followings, booking out salons, and spreading engagement locally as well as nationally. Shelby helps small, eager businesses grow to their full potential. She learns the ins and outs of each of her clients, and creates a personalized plan to help them reach their greatest goals.


For Questions or Inquires on Consultations: shelbyleighchapman@gmail.com



“I like to think that being something more is a feeling you are born with. Many of us have it, but few are crazy enough to reach.” 

First I wanted to be a singer, then a horse back rider, and lastly a world renowned reporter. No matter what the dream, my motto has always been to go full fledge. From begging my parents to uproot to Nashville, to working 60 hours a week as an unpaid intern, the thought of being something more never left my mind.

It was not until I took those wobbly platform steps into the world of college graduates that it became clear just what that meant to me. So, in an unconventional manner, I packed my things and reimbursed myself in parental living. It took only a year to build a life. A year to move out, and a year to create a growing company of my own.

I want to help people. I want to show college graduates that it is okay to break down when your dream job falls though. And I want to show them that it is okay to chase your dreams. To be broke, and be naive. I want to bring young adults back to passion, and a little further away from this world of participation ribbons and instant gratification we are living in.

To book a speaking engagement: shelbyleighchapman@gmail.com

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