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Fears Grand Finale

Lately it seems the topic of every discussion has circled around the concept of fear. Fear of failing, fear of loving, fear of taking a chance. Much like everything else in my life it came at the perfect, and most frustrating, time. We all fear. I fear my bank account

Here’s To You, Dad

Give my sister 5 minutes and she will tell you just how spoiled I am. How when she asked for a belly-botton ring and was denied it was my sly talk, and dads lack of ability to say no to her younger sister, which had her dawning that tacky dangling jewel. Yes,

Success Is Now

Honestly, I haven’t learned much since starting my own company. I have no line of credit, and just got business cards printed two weeks ago. I think getting a second phone is a good idea, more so because I want the new iPhone and have a need to justify any

21 And All Figured Out

The future beamed as my wobbly, stiletto dawning feet stomped across that graduation stage. A clear vision of me shaking Giuliana Rancic’s hand as she bid ENews a-due and I began my role as lead reporter to the stars unveiled. I knew exactly where my life was headed, and where I

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