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Hello world!


Fair warning: you are about to embark on a crazy adventure through the brain of yours truly. I told Shelby a few months ago that she needed to ramp up her blog game so that clients and future clients have a chance to meet Shelby and the team.


We agreed that the blog would be really about whatever each team member wants to talk about so here we go!


Originally, Shelby and I met while working at a boutique in Lubbock, Texas way back in probably 2012 and have kept in touch ever since.


Everyone always jokes about “real friends versus work friends” and lucky for me Shelby started out as my work friend and almost immediately turned into a real friend. Shelby was one of the first people I had dinner with when I moved to Austin and has been one of the people I have leaned on to learn the Austin ropes.


I am not sure that I know anyone who works harder than Shelby while still having one of the biggest hearts. She works her butt off and makes her clients a top priority. She has a hand in so many different jars while keeping a lid on it.


Let me just brag on her for a second by highlighting her skills at being a boss and keeping it all together, let’s talk about the new Interior Marketing Services. Shelby has been incredible with the build-out of the services and the execution of everything. The whole idea of interior marketing for businesses is to help your business goal translate to your client or customer. It really is about putting out a vibe in your space that is conducive business growth.


So here is my tip: If you are looking to up your marketing game, whatever your definition, I know a lady with a fantastic team that will make all of your marketing dreams come true.

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